Our process

The process behind creating the perfect piece of furniture is always underlined by the equilibrium between form and function. As a designer maker and artist, the instinctual desire is to prioritize aesthetics, thus it can bring dramatic feelings in one’s heart. Therefore, each piece of furniture has its own creative process, depending on the state of mind, materials and vision of the artist. It can all start with a slab and design around it’s natural beauty, or in other cases it can begin from a small idea that over time took shape and became a desire which will eventually lead to creation.


At this point the wood is carefully selected, carved, sanded and brought to a organic shape influenced by nature. Eero’s principle is to let the material dictate the shape it wants to take, thus working with the grain and not against it. Once this is thought out, the next step is to analyze all the defects or impediments, and asses the option of needing  chemicals such as resins, stabilizers, and cuping or warping elements that prevent further splitting.


In Eero’s studio, brass and steel are highly worked materials which serve the purpose of creating the bases for the walnut slabs. These are carefully selected, then built and finished until the desired form and texture is achieved, so they fuse with the warm, natural presence of the wood. Herein lies a paradox: It takes an inspired process, a renewed artistic conversation across the elements to reconcile them. Eero’s interaction with each piece of furniture is guided by a craftsman’s deep-reaching feeling of what is right – shaping the metal, treating surfaces to achieve a precise artistic vision that does the material justice.