Handmade item

Style: Contemporary

Materials: walnut ,steel, brass ,golden patina ,natural oil

One of a kind coffee table made from Transylvanian walnut.

This beautiful figured single slab was created by nature with perfect imperfections which are brought to light by the artist’s passion for this timeless material. Every piece is hand carved and treated with the upmost care and individuality as the artist lets their shape dictate the design of the base. They serve not only as a material to work with, but also as an inspiration through their texture, shape and color. The philosophy behind the process of creating these tables relies on working with the wood and the nature of it, not against it. These tables are not made to be perfect, they are made to express one’s creativity through his own interpretation of nature’s beauty and imperfections, resulting in a unique combination and interpretation of materials.

The walnut is finished with natural oils, whilst the steel base is powder coated. It is then brought into a game of textures and experimentation of materials until the aesthetics pleases the eye as nature does.  Thank you all in advance for visiting the shop and taking the time to look at the pictures.

All of my pieces are unique unless stated otherwise.

Dimensions: 147cm x 60 cm x 40cm