Eero Moss

The story of Eero Moss is that of a young man born in the heart of Transylvania. It is the story of his ventures to far shores and back, only to find his calling away from his learned profession.

At the age of 20, he left the country to study abroad the production and design of yachts, at Southampton Solent University. This is where he got acquainted with the beautiful organic lines of classic yachts.

These lines wouldn’t leave his head, and so he embarked on a practical boat-building course in Wales. Here he soaked up the knowledge of this trade handed down through the centuries. All along ideas formed in his head, and grew into a passion for wanting to create unique pieces of furniture.

Intrigued by the techniques learned of how to manipulate various materials, he went on experimenting and challenging himself constantly, in order to achieve the fluid shapes and organic textures he wanted to fuse into his pieces.

His approach draws from the natural world around him, the movement of water and architecture. These inspirations are best cultivated through travelling, his second passion.

After several years of travelling and studying other artists and makers of fine furniture, he set his studio at home, in Transylvania. Here his passion turns into experiments, and some of these experiments into furniture pieces.

Fine furniture & Design
Designer Maker